Sarah Watts

Confidence and Business Coach

I studied A-levels in Politics, Psychology and History at BHASVIC circa 1992 - 1994. I had taken my GCSEs at Brighton and Hove High School for Girls, and if I'm honest, I struggled transitioning from a private school to a place where you were gifted slightly more freedom to make choices. In hindsight, it was exactly what I needed to prepare for University and life beyond; being in charge of managing my own time to meet deadlines and having to focus. I went on to the University of East London and received a BA Hons degree in Cultural Studies, 2:1.

I remember the excellent teachers I had in all of my A-levels. Dave Akers, who taught medieval history, was an absolute legend. He used to create and play songs on his guitar during class to bring history to life! The psychology department teachers were engaging too, and I remember we'd be doing research and conducting surveys around the college to build data around our assignments, which was fun. I just enjoyed learning about subjects I was really interested in, especially Psychology. I've always been fascinated in how the mind works, and now I have my own business as a Mindset and Wellbeing Life Coach and Business entrepreneur.

Whenever I drive past BHASVIC it makes me chuckle, as it looks massive now. Back then, there was a car park at the back and a gym, and at the front, where there's a big building now, it was just a vacant space to roam.