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Sean Goodier

Research Analyst at Bank of America Meryl Lynch

I started at BHASVIC back in 2011 which seems like a lifetime ago now. Still unsure what I wanted to pursue, I chose a mix of humanities and sciences – History, English Literature, Maths and Economics. Dropping English Literature after AS level was a tough decision as I thoroughly enjoyed all my courses. I still have very positive feelings about my time at BHASVIC – the academic rigour and intellectual curiosity, combined a new sense of independence. I left BHASVIC with an A*AA and went on to study Economics and Economic History at the London School of Economics.

After graduating in 2016, I joined the Financial Conduct Authority as an economist, working in policy, competition, and the chief economist’s office. I worked on some high profile and interesting projects, including making sweeping reforms the pension and asset management sectors and helping to set up the UK’s new payments system. My role included a secondment to the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, where I got a taste for development banking. I left to pursue a master’s in financial economics in Paris in 2019, wanting some experience abroad. I started my new job in global research at the Bank of America in June 2020 and currently work in European transport. Covering airlines and shipping, it has been a highly interesting and fast paced experience during the pandemic!