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10th August 2021

BHASVIC Results Press Release 2021

Results Day at BHASVIC this year is met with the same excitement and anticipation as previous years, despite the unusual grade awarding process that has determined outcomes following the cancellation of exams.

The priority of Principal William Baldwin is to congratulate BHASVIC students. He said: ‘These results reflect – as they always do – years of hard work and dedication and our students should be rightly proud of their achievements. These grades are hard won and are the result of hours of dedicated studying and learning. I’d like to congratulate all our students on their results, having shown such resilience to navigate such a disrupted and stressful time’.

This particular year group have had both their years of study at BHASVIC impacted by months of remote learning during national lockdowns. With the cancellation of exams for a second year running, this year, teachers were responsible for awarding grades.

On this undertaking, Mr Baldwin commented: ‘In effect, we were required to become our own Exam Board which has taken an enormous amount of work. Teachers have had to shoulder a lot of responsibility and make some very difficult decisions. I’m incredibly proud of our staff who have approached this process so professionally and with the utmost integrity.’

BHASVIC is used to being in the top 1% of national providers for A level outcomes. In line with the national picture, results at BHASVIC are up on previous years. In 2019 (the last year exams were taken) A*-A grades at BHASVIC were 40.4% [A*-B = 72%] and this year A*-A grades are 50.4% [A*-B = 80%]. National averages in that time for A*-A grades have gone from 25.5% in 2019 to 44.8% in 2021. Value Added outcomes have remained steady at around half-a-grade per qualification, evidence that students continue to do better at BHASVIC than statistically predicted.

BHASVIC’s BTEC results are as strong as ever with high grades representing 68% of outcomes. These results were also awarded by teachers although the qualification is designed to reflect assignment outcomes taken over time.

In response to the national discussion around grade inflation, Principal William Baldwin commented ‘This is not the year to be making comparisons to previous years or to other providers who have all approached grade awarding in different ways but with absolute integrity. Over a longer period of time and with a broader selection of work to assess, more students are able to show they are working at a higher standard than they are in an exam which can come down to the lottery of questions asked and performance on the day. This should not in any way detract from the grades achieved this year.’

In terms of University placements, 1,141 students have met their firm choice (including 43 to Oxford and Cambridge) with 48 placed at their insurance choice. 87 students did not meet their preferred offers and are now being supported by the college through the clearing process.

Concluding his thoughts, the Principal said: ‘These results are a culmination of years of learning and as such I’d like to thank our schools for laying the foundations and to thank our parents and carers for the support they provide to our learners – especially during the disruption caused by the pandemic. Congratulations to all our students – I will never forget what the class of 2021 had to navigate. Remember that your results don’t define your humanity – kindness and compassion are more important qualities than grades! I know you have exciting futures ahead - good luck as you embark on your varied and exciting progression routes.’ 

The college is providing all the usual post-results support to students both on site and remotely and anyone in need of advice should visit BHASVIC FAQs.