This page tells you about payment of:

Refundable deposits, Course charges, invoices, donations, Adult Education Courses, Residential Trips instalments and cashless e-purse top-ups


Every year parents and carers contribute by donating funds to the college. BHASVIC needs this financial support in order to provide the best possible resources and facilities for our students. The money which parents and carers give helps finance activities in sport, music and drama; it helps equip the Library and Sports Centre, it provides computers and supports Student Union functions. For this reason, we invite you please to assist us in providing the best possible education for your young person by making a voluntary contribution to BHASVIC of £75.00. Depending on your circumstances, you may wish to give more or less than this sum.

Parents' Fund Donations Letter from the Principal - April 2022

Parents' Fund Payment Form

Gift Aid Declaration Form

Specific course charge information is displayed on relevant course pages below: (Please note in the A2 year students will choose a Portfolio Course from a range of options to supplement their learning and some of these may incur an additional charge)

September 2021 starts: our full Schedule of Charges for courses which start in September 2021 can be viewed here

September 2022 starts: Our full Schedule of Charges for courses which start in September 2022 can be viewed here

How to pay:

1. Online

  • Refundable deposits / Full course charges / Invoices / Donations / £50 poor attendance charge: Click here
  • Donations / Enrichment / Adult Education Courses / Residential Trips instalments: Click here
  • Cashless e-purse top-up: Click here

        Cashless e-purse top-up instructions can be found here

        Cashless Payment System log in instructions can be found here

2. Credit / debit card

  • Over the telephone by phoning 01273 552200 and ask for the Cash Desk
  • In person during opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:15 to 15:00 (term time only)

3. Direct Debit Instructions please see here.

If you have a query regarding a payment, please telephone 01273 552200 and ask for the Cash Desk or email