Important Information


Reception is closed until Monday 9 August.

Reception will be open from 9am-3pm every day from Monday 9 August until 8am on Tuesday 31 August inclusive (except for Results Days – 10 & 12 August – when Reception will be open from 8am-3.30pm).

Please do continue to use email as your first form of communication and bear in mind that many of our staff will be on annual leave during this period.

Please continue to check our website for any updates. FAQs with our latest information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found HERE


EARLY APPLICATION - 21 September 2021



UCAS Deadline for Oxbridge/Medics/Vets/Dentistry – 15 October 2021

CUKAS External Deadline – 1 October 2021 - please check deadline dates with individual institutions
UCAS Deadline - 26 January 2022

If you are applying through Clearing for 2021 entry, follow the below instructions, but use the buzzword: bhasvic21

How to apply 2022:  Please follow the below instructions:

  1. Go: https://www.ucas.com/students
  2. Click on ‘Create account’ under ‘2022 Entry’
  3. Compete the ‘REGISTER’ page and click ‘Register’
  4. Verify your account by entering the Code emailed to your email address you have entered.
  5. Click on ‘Ready’ to start.
  6. Choose the year you wish your studies to start at university.
  7. Select ‘Undergraduate’
  8. Select whether you would like additional information on ‘Apprenticeships’ or ‘Conservatories’
  9. Enter your postcode of your home address.
  10. Add your preferences with regards to ‘Stay up-to-date with unis, colleges, offers and more’.
  11. Enter your Mobile Number
  12. Choose the subjects you are interested in.
  13. Get the right support – Are you still at school/college’ click ‘No’ as you have left BHASVIC.
  14. Click ‘Create account’.
  15. You will then be taken to ‘Your Hub’ within UCAS .
  16. When ready click on ‘Your Application’, then ‘Start’.
  17. Select ‘Undergraduate Degrees, HNDs and HNCs’ and click on ‘Select application type’.
  18. ‘Are you applying from a school, college, or centre?’ click ‘No’ as you no longer attend BHASVIC as you will link your application next. If you do not do this your application may not be seen and could be missed.
  19. ‘Centre information’ click on ‘Link to a school, college, or centre’.
  20. It will state: ‘By linking to a centre, any reference and predicted grades already provided will be deleted. The centre will be required to approve your request to link to them. Do you want to proceed?’ click ‘Yes’
  21. ‘Link to a school, college, or centre using a Buzzword’ click ‘continue’.
  22. Enter our buzzword: bhasvic22
  23. Press ‘Save Buzzword’.
  24. It should then state that your buzzword is for ‘Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College, 205 Dyke Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 6EG’ as this is correct click ‘Yes’.
  25. ‘You have linked your application to Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College’, you will be asked to select a group please choose ‘Ex-Students’ if you choose any other group your application could be missed as these are for students currently enrolled at BHASVIC.
  26. Application Status’ it will say ‘you requested to link your application to Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College’.
  27. In order for us to accept your application, you MUST email: ucasreferences@bhasvic.ac.uk advising of your UCAS application and UCAS reference request. Your reference will include your achieved exam grades when you left full-time education at BHASVIC. If your grades have changed, or you have re-sat exams, please include the subjects and new grades within your message. Also advise us if you are re-sitting exams in the future, we will then include this in your reference.
  28. Complete all sections.
  29. ‘University Choices’ - If you were involved in ‘Widening Participation’ at College, you should write ‘WP’ in the ‘Further Details’ box for all of your university choices. Universities are more likely to make you an offer as you are in one of their ‘target groups’ for widening participation in higher education.
  30. University Choices’ – If you are applying to University of Sussex or University of Chichester enter ‘ACCORD’ in the ‘Further Details’ box for these university choices as the Sussex Progression Accord offers links between BHASVIC and these universities. If you meet the admissions criteria for your chosen course you will be sent either a Guaranteed Offer or Interview. However, there are different guarantees and requirements for each subject offered at each of the three universities. Please note that some courses (for example Medicine, Architecture) are not included in the ACCORD scheme.
  31. University Choices’ – If you are applying to the University of Brighton enter ‘Compact’ in the ‘Further Details’ box as the programme offers links between BHASVIC and the University of Brighton. If you meet the standard entry requirements for your chosen course you will be sent either a Guaranteed Offer or Interview.
  32. Contact and Residency Details’ - enter the area appropriate to your home address – usually either: Brighton and Hove, East Sussex or West Sussex.
  33. Education’ - enter your all your GCSEs and other exams taken whilst at school under your secondary school name.
  34. Education’ - enter all your exams taken at BHASVIC and enter them under the College’s full name: Brighton Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College. Our centre number is 56120.
  35. Education’ - Ex-students re-sitting exams at BHASVIC must have BHASVIC under the education section twice; one for the actual time you attended with achieved grades and the other for the month you are re-sitting your exams.
  36. Education’ - you MUST enter your ULN. This 9-digit number is allocated to you throughout your education. If unknown please email ucasreferences@bhasvic.ac.uk requesting your ULN.
  37. Education’ - for ‘Please state the highest level of qualification you expect to have before you start your course’ choose ‘Below honours degree level qualifications’.
  38. Nationality details’ - not born in the UK? – make sure your correct details are entered.
  39. Finance and funding’ – this should be: ‘UK, Chl, Iom or EU student finance services’. This means you will be applying for student finance. If unsure please check directly with UCAS.
  40. Finance and funding’ – ‘Student support arrangements’ enter the area appropriate to your home address – usually either: Brighton and Hove, East Sussex or West Sussex.
  41. Once we have accepted your application please check your emails regularly as we will notify you via email advise if alterations are required.
  42. Once your application is complete and approved by BHASVIC, please pay by credit or debit card online; the UCAS application fee for this service is £22.00 for one choice, or £26.50 for two – five choices. This cannot be done until after 7 September 2021. Paying for your application does not send it to UCAS; it is BHASVIC that sends your application to UCAS.
  43. You will not be able to pay for your application until all the relevant sections have been saved and marked as complete.
  44. In ’Pay/Send’ within the 'Declaration' section please ensure you tick the box 'I agree to allow details of my application and its progress to be shared with my school / college / centre'.
  45. We will then be able to add your reference and send the completed application to UCAS on your behalf within our 10 working day deadline.

Apply Session: If you would like to arrange a meeting to check your application and personal statement, please email ucasreferences@bhasvic.ac.uk marking it for the attention of Nikki Fabry and requesting an apply session. We will then contact you to arrange a convenient time or we can offer this via email.