Important Information


BHASVIC is currently experiencing some issues with the phone system. Please dial 01273 859839 or 01273 859825 to speak to a receptionist, between 8am and 5pm (5:30pm on Tuesdays). Unfortunately you cannot currently leave voice messages.



Ex-students may be aware that the UCAS deadline has been extended to 29 of January 2021. This is for the MAJORITY of courses and there is no guarantee that your choices will be included in the extension.

Although the deadline has been extended, if we receive applications after the 15 January it may well be delayed as staff are committed to working on other projects after this date. Therefore, applications received after the 15 January 2021 cannot be guaranteed to be sent before the UCAS extended deadline.


EARLY APPLICATION - 25 September 2020


UCAS Deadline for Oxbridge/Medics/Vets/Dentistry – 15 October 2020
CUKAS External Deadline – 1 October 2020 - please check deadline dates with individual institutions
UCAS Deadline - 15 January 2021

UCAS Resources for Ex-Students

Completing UCAS Application for Ex-Students
UCAS Apply Form - How to Complete as an Ex-Student
UCAS 21 Entry Helpsheet
My Future Plans Work Book
Personal Statement Student Workbook
Introduction to Personal Statements
Personal Statements by Paragraph
Personal Statements Transferable Skills
Personal Statements Editing
University Course Admissions Tests

Please follow these step-by-step instructions to complete your UCAS application and obtain your reference:

If you are applying through Clearing for 2020 entry, follow the below instructions, but use the buzzword: bhasvic20 

Step 1: How to apply 2021

  • Go to the ‘UCAS Apply’ website: https://ucascomsb1.ucasenvironments.com/students and choose ‘Undergraduate’.
  • To register: click on ‘Apply’ under ‘2021 entry’. If you applied last year and are re-applying you will still need to register as a 2021 applicant and you will need to cancel your 2020 application.
  • Click on ‘Register’, read through and agree to UCAS’ terms.
  • Complete the subsequent pages with your details to register.
  • Please make sure you keep a note of your username and password and then click ‘Log in now’.
  • On the ‘Initial UCAS questions’ page, the question: ‘How are you applying?’, choose ‘as an individual’.
  • Ensure you keep a note of your Personal ID number. Verify your email address by clicking ‘Please click here to verify your email address’. UCAS will then send you an email to verify your email address using the UCAS verification code.
  • Once verified, click on ‘click here to return to the Welcome page’.

Step 2: Completing your application

  • On the UCAS ‘Welcome’ page complete all the requested sections within the left-hand menu; ‘Personal Details’, ‘Reference Numbers’, ‘Student Finance’ please enter your fee code , ‘Choices’, ‘Education’ ‘Employment’ and ‘Personal Statement’. It is important that you do this before linking your application to BHASVIC.
  • Please make sure that you check your application carefully – ensuring you use your full name (including middle names), correct fee code (usually 02: UK,Chl,IoM, or EU student finance services) and list ALL your exams including GSCEs under the correct institution you took your exams. To choose BHASVIC you will need to use the College’s full name: Brighton Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College. Include your module grades for all exams taken at BHASVIC with the correct grade and exam board.
  • Ex-students re-sitting exams at BHASVIC must have BHASVIC under the education section twice; one for the actual time you attended with the actual grades achieved and then the period in which you are re-sitting your exams and list the exams you are re-sitting. Therefore, the subjects and college should be on your application twice: one with your achieved grades and one with the pending grades.
  • Reference Section: Please leave the referee section blank as you will need to link your application to BHASVIC by following ‘Step 3’ below. If you enter details here you will not be able to link your application to BHASVIC.
  • Complete each section, tick ‘section completed’ and save each section. You can then go to ‘Step 3’ and link your application to BHASVIC.

Step 3: Linking your application to your centre (BHASVIC)

  • Click on the ‘Options’ section at the bottom of the left-hand menu. Choose ‘Link your application to your school, college or organisation’. You will be asked for the buzzword which is: bhasvic21
  • Click ‘next’.
  • It will then state: ‘You would like to link your application too… Brighton Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College, 205 Dyke Road, Hove, BN3 6EG is this correct?’ Tick ‘yes’ and choose ‘next’ to continue.
  • It will state ‘Your Centre has not yet made a decision. As soon as your Centre makes a decision, it will be displayed here’.
  • Once you have completed the request to link your application to BHASVIC, you MUST email: ucasreferences@bhasvic.ac.uk advising of your UCAS reference request. Please note your reference will include your achieved exam grades when you left full-time education at BHASVIC. If your grades have changed, or you have re-sat exams, please include the subjects and new grades within your message. Also advise us if you are re-sitting exams in the future, we will then include this in your reference.
  • Your application requesting to be linked to BHASVIC will then be accepted as long as you have followed the above.

IMPORTANT: If you do not inform us by email, as above, your application will not be processed.

Step 4: Processing of your application and forwarding to UCAS

  • Once we have received your email as detailed in ‘Step 3’, we will then accept your UCAS application request. Please allow 10 working days for your application to be checked, processed and reference added. However, if there are any queries or changes to be made, you will be notified via email and your application may be returned to you to make the relevant changes. Therefore, please check your emails regularly.
  • After we have accepted your application, ensure your application and personal statement are complete, then please pay by credit or debit card online; the UCAS application fee for this service is £26 for more than one choice or £20 for a single choice. Paying for your application does not send it to UCAS; it is BHASVIC that sends your application to UCAS.
  • You will not be able to pay for your application until all the relevant sections have been saved and marked as complete as mentioned in ‘Step 2’.
  • In ’Pay/Send’ within the 'Declaration' section please ensure you tick the box 'I agree to allow details of my application and its progress to be shared with my school / college / centre'.
  • We will then be able to add your reference and send the completed application to UCAS on your behalf within the 10 working day deadline.

Apply Session: If you would like to arrange a meeting to check your application and personal statement, please email ucasreferences@bhasvic.ac.uk marking it for the attention of Nikki Fabry and requesting an apply session. We will then contact you to arrange a convenient time or we can offer this via email.